My Top Tier Foundations for Wedding Days

If you’ve been searching for a foundation that stays put, search no more! We’re about to dive head first into my list of my all-time favorite foundations that not only last all day, but look just as beautiful camera as they do in person.

Before we get into the foundations it’s important to note that skin prep or priming is key when it comes to the longevity of makeup. I go more in depth on skin-prep in my other blog, “Are You Team Primer or Team Skin Prep?” Click this link to read more

First up is MAC’s Face and Body Foundation. This has been a staple in my kit for years because of it’s versatility, and because of how skin-like it is. Face and Body gives a very sheer layer of coverage when applied with a sponge or a brush, however if you massage it in with your fingers it slightly thickens up to give a little more coverage without it being cakey. (If you’re cringing at the thought of applying foundation with your hands, believe me, I FEEL YOU. I despise applying foundation with my hands however this trick is the only exception!) Face and Body gives a more dewy finish, and while anyone can rock it, I find it wears best on dry-normal skin types. This is the foundation I typically wear everyday and it always looks just as good later on in the day as it did when I put it on that morning.

Next I want to mention NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation. This foundation was very popular a few years ago and for good reason! It really is long wearing and the finish is beautiful. It gives medium to full coverage (if you are heavy handed, I would apply this with a sponge. A little bit goes a long way!) and a natural satin finish, despite “radiant” being in the name. It can definitely be sheered down by mixing a little primer with the foundation on the back of your hand or a palette, and then applying with a sponge (those who are heavy handed should definitely do this, it’s very easy to add too much of this one!) I find that all skin types can wear this foundation beautifully, and it looks stunning on camera. Those I know who have tried this foundation have not been disappointed.

I had to save best for last, and it is… *drumroll please* Luminous Silk by Giorgio Armani. I could go on and on about how much I friggin love this stuff. Its creamy, melts into the skin like butter, wears beautifully all day long, and photographs beautifully, too. This is the foundation I wore for my own wedding and I was obsessed. It gives a natural, radiant finish without being “dewy” per-say, it just gives that glow from within look that I love! It gives medium-full coverage and is very buildable. Everyone I’ve recommend this foundation to has loved it!

Before committing to a new foundation I always think its best to get samples of them. I would also ask for 2 different colors of each foundation because the store lighting isn’t always the best. Wear a different one each day to decide which one is right for you 🙂

I hope this helps! Still feel like you need a little hand-holding? Contact me to schedule a Personal Shopping Service here:



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