How To Find the Perfect Makeup Artist for You on Your Wedding Day

How do you find the best Makeup Artist for you on your Wedding Day? With thousands of talented Makeup Artists out there, the search can be very overwhelming for a Bride! Let’s navigate together.

The first thing you should know as a Bride is what style of makeup you want. Do you want more natural, soft glam, dramatic, elegant/ red carpet? etc. Each Makeup Artist has their own unique style and it’s important to find an Artist that specializes in the style you want. How do you know what style the Makeup Artist specializes in? Check out their portfolios on their websites, Instagram, and/ or Facebook. If you notice most of their work is more on the dramatic side, chances are they specialize in dramatic glam and will be best at that. Or you can always use good ole google to search for things like, “natural makeup artist” and they should pop up!

Something else to consider when looking for Makeup Artists is how clean they work. Does the Makeup Artist follow sanitation rules/ procedures? Meaning, do they use single use applicators for lipsticks and mascaras? Do they dip right into cream products with a brush or do they use a clean disposable applicator to scoop some product out onto their clean palette? These are very important to make note of and the best way to tell if a Makeup Artist is clean is to book a trial with them. If you see the Artist doing anything like double dipping single use applicators in mascara, RUN!

The last thing to look for is if the Makeup Artist offers touch up kits or not. This might not make or break your final decision but it is definitely an added bonus! All of my Brides receive a complimentary touch up kit that includes tissues, a sponge, some of the lipstick I put on them, a little powder, and a few other items one might need to ensure their makeup look its best all night long. I lock and load all of my Brides to be sure the makeup lasts as long as it possibly can, but sometimes you can’t fight mother nature and things happen! This is why I give out the touch up kits. 🙂

Like I mentioned above, the beauty industry is saturated with thousands of talented individuals which can make the search overwhelming but that is a great problem to have. We need a variety of talent in the world of glam so each Bride can hire the perfect Makeup Artist for their unique style. 

If you would like to inquire about availability for your Wedding Day click this link and I’ll be happy to talk all things glam with you 🙂



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