Here Are My Top 3 Ways to Choose the Best Color Concealer for your skin

Choosing the right shade of concealer can be just as tricky as finding the right shade of foundation, but have no fear! I am going to share my best tips and tricks so you can shop confidently.

Before you even step foot in the store you should make a mental note of a few things! You should know if you’d rather have brighter looking under-eye or a more natural looking looking under-eye, what your undertone is, and if you have dark under eye circles or not. It also doesn’t hurt to bring your bottle of foundation into the store with you, that way you have a color guide 🙂

Usually the best place to color match foundation is along the jaw, however I wouldn’t recommend color matching an under eye concealer on your jaw. The purpose of concealer, besides covering up all your sins, is to help add some dimension to the face. If you were to match your concealer to your jaw, you would probably end up buying a shade close to your foundation shade. It wouldn’t be the worst thing, but we can do better! Instead try to color match your concealer under your eye beside your nose.

If you know your skins undertone, look for shades of concealer with that same undertone. Pro tip: if you have super dark circles, try opting for a concealer with a warm undertone even if your skin is naturally cool. This will help color correct and camouflage those dark circles all in one step! If you’d like a more natural finish, try choosing a color one shade lighter than your skin tone or foundation. If you like a bright under eye, try choosing a shade 2-3 shades lighter for more dimension! Be sure to color match in natural daylight, that is the best lighting to get a true color match.

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