My Step by Step Guide to Layering Blush

The key to ensuring that your blush will last all day and look its absolute best (on and off camera) is to layer creams and powders. Follow this guide to try this technique! 🙂

Step 1: Apply all of your liquid or cream base products (foundation, concealer, bronzer) as you normally would. Hold off on any powders for now!

Step 2: Take a small amount of cream bush and apply where you would normally apply blush. ***if you apply too much, that’s okay! Grab the brush or sponge you used to apply your foundation and lightly buff over the blush to tone it down.

Step 3: Once you’ve got your cream blush blended out to your liking, stipple your powder blush on top of the cream blush. ***it’s important that you DON’T use swiping/ circular motions to apply your powder blush. This will move the cream blush around and will ruin all of your hard work!

That’s it! It’s super easy and makes the world of a difference. If you enjoyed this step by step guide and you want to learn more makeup tricks, click this link to book a one-on-one makeup lesson with me.



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