The Blushing Bride

Blush might be my favorite product to see come to life on a client, but it can also be intimidating to those who may not typically wear blush everyday. Have no fear, I have created the ultimate bridal blush guide for you!

Before we talk about colors, let’s talk texture. Blushes come in 3 main types which are powders, liquids, and creams. Powder blushes are easily buildable and blend best on top of another powder (if you use liquid or cream foundation just set with a powder then you’ll be good to go!). Powder blushes are the most popular for the everyday consumer therefore there is a wider variety of color. Cream and liquid blushes can be applied before foundation (my favorite way to wear them) or after. They are typically very rich in color so a tiny bit will go a looong way, so I would slowly build them up! They wear best on dry or mature skin types, however anyone can rock them. The beauty about makeup is that there are no rules, am I right?

Now for the fun stuff. My go-to blush colors for brides 99% of the time are rosy/ mauvey tones. These tones are very feminine, flirty, and timeless. A good rosy blush just screams Bridal to me! These colors almost always compliment the eye makeup and lipstick, and they do a great job of balancing out the entire look. There are some occasions where a bride will want a red lip, or already has a lot of redness in their cheeks and wants to avoid the red color family completely. In those cases I will opt for a bronze colored blush.

My favorite bridal blush colors for fair-medium skin tones are Blushbaby by MAC, NARS Orgasm, Warm Soul by MAC, and any of the Glow play Blushes by MAC. They’re my favorite blushes of all time and are so underrated! They’re a cream blush and are super buttery. Do yourself a favor and go buy one, or five. Thank me later!

My favorite blush colors for deeper skin tones are Raizin by MAC, Sketch by MAC (this color might’ve been discontinued, however there is a Sketch eyeshadow that is the same shade), and again, the Glow Play Blushes by Mac. 

I hope this helps, happy shopping 🙂



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