My Favorite Color Blushes for All Skin Tones

Blush can be the most fun product to dabble in, but finding the right color for your skin tone isn’t always easy. I’m about to breakdown my favorite color blushes for ALL skin tones!

Fair Skin

On fair skin I love using soft pinks and light peachy tones. Sometimes I will grab a light neutral bronze shade but it just depends on the clients skin tone and the look we’re going for. My favorite soft pink shades are Dainty and Blushbaby by MAC Cosmetics. My favorite light peachy tones are Peaches and Melba by MAC, and if I want a bronze blush for fair skin I will ALWAYS reach for Warm Soul by MAC. It’s the perfect bronze shade without being too dark!

Medium Skin

For medium skin tones I will dabble in richer shades. I love using bold pinks, mauves, and deeper peachy tones. These colors may look scary in the pan, but I promise you they look STUNNING on medium skin tones! When applied they’re not as bright as the look in the packaging and give just enough color. My favorite pinks and mauves to use are Fleur Power, Desert Rose, and Mocha by MAC. My favorite peachy tones are Peachykeen by MAC and Orgasm by NARS.

Deep Skin

If you have deep skin the best blush colors to work with are deep plums and reddish browns. They give a beautiful wash of color to the cheeks without looking overdone. My favorite blush colors for deep skin are Raizin, Burnt Pepper, and Sketch by MAC. They’re all sooooo good AND they look beautiful as eyeshadows.

I hope this helps! If you need a little hand holding click this link to book a one on one lesson with me. 🙂



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