My Top Makeup Tips for Engagement Shoots

Okay, I have a confession! Engagement shoots are my favorite shoots to do makeup for because my Brides-to-be are usually freshly engaged and they’re full of happiness, excitement, and pure bliss. The photos from the engagement shoot always turn out amazing because they capture all of these emotions and the love you share with your fiancĂ©! However, if your makeup is overdone it can take away from all of that. I typically will do a fresh, luminous, and timeless makeup look for engagement shoots because this type of look is not overbearing, it’s just enough to look great on camera, and it looks amazing on everyone.

My first tip is going to be… you guessed it, great skin prep! I know, I know, I sound like a broken record! Skin prep can make or break a makeup look so it’s super important to take a few extra minutes to lightly exfoliate and massage your moisturizer in. The camera picks up on everything so if you’ve got some dry patches, or if you feel like your makeup looks like its sitting on top of the skin instead of looking like a second skin, skin prep could be your answer! My favorite makeup skin prep is by Sonia Roselli Beauty, I LOVE her Sexapeel instant exfoliating spray and her Water Balm moisturizer.

My next tip is to go light handed on the eyes. What I mean by this is try to avoid using a lot of darker shadows, as these can close off the eyes. I always recommend adding a false lash for photography, but try to avoid heavy lashes as they can weigh down the eyes. Instead, opt for a lighter, fluffy lash. I love anything from the Ardell Naked line.

My last tip is don’t be afraid of color when it comes to blush and/ or lipstick! This is the key to a fresh makeup look. I love using feminine rosy tones and peaches for blush, especially now that it’s Spring, and using a lipstick in the same color scheme to pull the look together.

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