Why Lashes are Great for Mothers of the Bride and Groom

In my experience, mothers of the bride and groom are usually at least a little hesitant when it comes to false lashes. Some moms have told me they think false lashes will weigh down or close off their eyes, others have told me they’re afraid the lashes will be uncomfortable, and others think the lashes will be too much. These fears are all completely understandable! However when the right lash is applied correctly, false lashes can drastically enhance and lift the entire face!

The key is picking the right lash for the right face and eye shape. This doesn’t just apply to the mamas, this applies to every client! For example, if a client has more almond shaped eyes and they want their eyes to look more open, I wouldn’t reach for a cat eye styled lash. This type of lash would only exaggerate the almond shape, and wouldn’t open up the eyes as much as a lash that is longer in the middle would. It is also important to take into account how much real estate the client has from their lash line to their brow bone. For example, if a client doesn’t have much real estate, I wouldn’t grab the longest lash I have. This would be very overwhelming and honestly would probably scare my client. Yikes!

When it comes to my moms who are hesitant about wearing lashes, I take a second to show them different styles that would flatter them, and explain the benefits of each and how they could take their look to a new level. Then I tell them that if we try the lashes on and they hate them, we can take them off and do without (spoiler alert: this has NEVER happened! They always end up loving how they look!). The truth is false lashes can make the eyes appear more open, they can lift the entire face, they look more youthful, they look amazing for photos, and ultimately they make everyone feel so much more confident! The key is finding the perfect lash to suit your needs.

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