Most Used Bridal Eyeshadows in 2022

One of the most common questions I get as a makeup artist is, “What eyeshadows are best for Bridal makeup?”. I am very picky when picking out shadows for my Brides, and after lots of research and dozens of swatches I can finally say I have some true favorites!

For my Brides that want something soft, airy, and romantic with some sheen my favorite shadow is MAC’s Vanilla Pigment. Vanilla is an ivory white color with a champagne shift to it. It is gorgeous on its own but can also be layered! It also looks good on a wide variety of skin tones.

For Brides that want something with a little more glam, I love using Stila’s liquid eyeshadow in “Kitten”. It is a pinky-champagne color that is super shiny! It is beautiful, easy to work with, and looks great on everyone!

For my Brides that prefer something with shine and shimmer but want the color a little more muted, I love using Hourglass’s Scattered Light Eyeshadow in “Smoke”. Actually, I love all of the Scattered Light shadows! But for the Bride that wants something more on the taupe side I always reach for Smoke.

If a Bride requests something more on the gold side, I love using Stila’s liquid shadow in “Starlight”. It’s a lighter gold so it doesn’t pull too yellow or range, it’s perfect on a variety of skin tones.

Now, if a Bride wants something that will sparkle and dance like diamonds, I will always reach for Makeup Forever’s Starlit Diamond Powders. If you haven’t seen these in person I’m going to need you to swatch them ASAP! Neither words or pictures can accurately describe how stunning they are in person.

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