The 3 Eyeshadow Brushes That Should Be in Every Makeup Bag

Brushes can make or break an eye look, so here are my favorite eyeshadow brushes that will help you blend like a pro!

The MAC 217 brush has been a favorite of mine basically ever since I started doing makeup. This brush has the perfect shape to pick up just the right amount of product, the perfect density for smooth blending, and a mix of longer bristles in the middle and shorter bristles on the sides that will do alllllll the hard work for you! You can even turn the brush on its side to pack on shimmer shadows. For everyday makeup, this brush will do it all.

For those who want more a more detailed look, or if you have hooded or smaller eyes, the MAC 221 will be your new best friend. This brush is a baby version of the 217 brush, so it has all the benefits of the 217 but this one can apply eyeshadow to any hard to reach areas. I love using this one for the lower lash line, any detailed blending in the crease, or smoking out liner.

My last favorite is the MAC 224 brush. This brush is my, “eraser” brush. It is not as dense as the other two brushes which makes it great for sweeping a wash of color on the eyes. Whenever I go a little too high up with the eyeshadow (yes, even the pros still make mistakes!) I like to dip this brush in a flesh toned color and blend right over the “edge” of the shadow. Doing this will tone down the look and will give the appearance of a smoother blend.

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