How To Fix the Most Common Eyeshadow Mistakes

If you think you need to wipe all of your eye makeup off and start over if you make a tiny mistake, I am about to blow your mind! The most common eyeshadow mistakes are actually easy and quick to fix, let’s dive in.

First let’s talk about the dreaded eyeshadow fallout. Almost everyone (myself included) I know struggles with this, or has struggled with this issue in the past. Eyeshadow fallout is when tiny bits of eyeshadow fall under your eyes/ on your face while you’re applying it to your eyes, ruining your face makeup. This happens when you’ve got too much shadow on your brush, when you’re blending too aggressively, or it could just be a bad quality eyeshadow that will have fallout no matter what you do. An easy way to avoid ruining your face makeup is to do your eyeshadow first. I got into the habit of doing eyes first years ago and I still do makeup in that order today. It is so much easier to just take a makeup wipe and remove the unwanted fallout than to remove your face makeup that got ruined! If you think you’re picking up too much shadow on your brush, try barely tapping your brush into the shadow, then tapping the brush on your finger to get any excess product off, then go in and apply like normal. If you think you’re blending too aggressively, try changing up your hand placement. When holding your eyeshadow brush, I am willing to bet that your hand is closer to the bristles than it is to the end of the brush (like holding a pencil). Try holding the brush at the very end of the handle and apply your eyeshadow like normal. This will force you to apply the makeup softer, and you will have more control!

If your eyeshadow is creasing, you are either not using an eye primer, or you’re not using the right eye primer. I swear by MAC’s 24 Hour Eye Base, that stuff is like cement! Believe me when I say your eyeshadow will NOT move or crease. A little goes a long way, just apply all over your lids with your fingers (I find the fingers warms the product up and it blends easier) then set it with a flesh toned shadow and do your eyeshadow like normal. Thank me later!

Lets say you’ve just spent 10 minutes on your eyeshadow, your eyeliner came out perfect, and now you’re applying your mascara when- OOPS. You got some mascara on your eyelid, ruining all your hard work. When this happens everyone panics and tries to wipe it off as quickly as they can, smearing the mascara and making an even bigger mess! What if I told you that the next time you get mascara on your lids, you let it dry? Seriously, DON’T TOUCH IT. Let it dry all the way down and once its dry, just grab a q-tip or a clean brow spoolie and wipe it away. The mascara will just flake off! No more messy, smeared mascara that ruins your eye makeup.

I hope this blog helps you! If you’d like more help mastering your eye makeup book a virtual Eyeconic makeup lesson with me. Click here to book:



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