What Brow Color Should You Be Wearing?

I think brows are the hardest feature for most people to master, not because they are hard, but because a lot of people overthink them! Once you realize how simple brows can be your makeup routine will be a breeze, so let’s dive in!

The art of makeup is all about color and balance, brows especially. The right brow color for you is not only dependent on your hair color, but also your eye color and skin tone. For example, if my client has light blonde hair, light skin, and light blue eyes but has darker roots, I would not match the brow color to her roots. Even though the brow color would match her hair roots, her brows would come off WAY too strong. It wouldn’t look natural and would be very off balanced with the rest of her makeup. Instead, I would opt for an ashy blonde color for her brows. This will give a much softer appearance to the brows and would help make the makeup look more balanced, while still being in the same color family as her darker roots.

A good rule of thumb for brows is to pick a brow color 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color. Here are more examples: If your skin, eye color, and hair color are light, I would opt for a lighter or ashy brow color. If you have more tanned skin, dark eyes, and brown hair, I would opt for a lighter brown shade for your brows. If you have deep skin, dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes, I would opt for a dark brown brow color. If you have light skin, light eyes, and red hair, I would do an ashy blonde brow color. If your skin is more cool toned (pink), I would opt for something cool toned because a lot of times something warmer will come off orange. If you have warmer (golden) skin, try opting for neutral brow colors, that way your brows don’t come off too muddy or orange.

Something else to consider is the makeup look you are going for. If you are going for a softer eye look and a bolder lip, it would be okay to add more detail to the brows (adding more depth to the tail, for example) with a brow pencil because it would balance out the whole look. However, if you are planning to rock a smokey eye I would only groom the brows with a brow mascara. Again, it’s all about balance!

Try not to overthink the brows, they really are simple once you find the right colors and tools to suite you best. You’ve got this!

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