How to Have a Successful Makeup Trial

With so many talented makeup artists out there, how do you find the artist that’s right for you without having to do 346 trials? Here’s my advice!

When you’re looking for a makeup artist, look at their portfolio carefully. Take a mental note of the style of makeup they do, is it more of the “Instagram glam”? More on the natural side? Somewhere in the middle? You want to find an artist that has the same style of makeup you want for your wedding day. If you want something more natural it wouldn’t make sense to book a trial with an artist who’s style is more of a heavy beat and vice versa, trust me- you will hate it!

Something else you should look for when browsing portfolios is if the artist can execute a variety of different looks. Now, I know the majority of brides want the same thing when it comes to their makeup (neutral tones, radiant skin, want to still look/ feel like themselves with the makeup on) BUT can the artist create that look while making changes when needed to cater to each unique bride? Or is the artist more cookie cutter and create the same look with the same colors/ lashes on every bride that sits in their chair? You want the artist that will have the knowledge and skill to know what colors, formulas, lashes, etc. will suit you best so that you look your best!

Once you’ve found an artist that checks off all your boxes, to best prepare for your trial I always recommend to go on Pinterest and find some makeup looks you like. To get the most realistic result, try to find looks on models with the same hair color, skin color, eye color, etc. as you. If you are completely lost on what you’d like your makeup to look like, that’s okay! Part of our job is to help guide you and figure out what you love. I would still find 2-3 pictures of makeup you love just for reference.

Something I be sure to tell my brides during their trial is to not be afraid to tell me if they’d like me to tweak something, that is what the trial is for! I want my brides to love their look on the big day and when they look back on their wedding pictures for years to come. You’re the boss, so if you do not like something please do not be afraid to tell us. We will be more than willing to make changes if it makes you happy.

I hope this helps! Do you think we might be a good fit for your special day? Book a phone consultation and let’s chat!



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