My Top Reasons for Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

For any special events, especially weddings, you might be thinking about hiring a pro Makeup Artist. Here are my top reason why I always think you should!

It’s not every day you have a beauty team to pamper you and to help you look and feel amazing. So hiring a professional Makeup Artist will make you and your wedding party feel like celebrities! Makeup Artists (or at least me) will bring their own lighting, chair, table, and a makeup kit stocked with everything we could need to create your look. Who wouldn’t want to be spoiled a little more on their wedding day?

Makeup Artists work with you to create your dream makeup look. During a makeup trial we ask lots of questions to be sure we’re understanding your vision, and then we bring it to life! This also takes the stress off of you and your girls from trying to bring your vision to life yourself. There’s no need to buy a bunch of new products to experiment with and practice your makeup eleventy seven times before the big day. And you won’t have to do your own makeup on the day of. This is huge because it takes one less thing off your plate, you won’t have to stress about making it perfect, and you’ll be able to relax with your friends and drink some champagne. Your makeup artist will handle the rest!

A skilled Makeup Artist will know how to apply just the right amount of makeup that will bring out your best features, will look amazing in photos, but will not feel heavy or cakey. For special events where lots of photo’s will be taken, more makeup will need to be applied than what you might wear everyday. Don’t worry! This does NOT mean cake face, there are just more steps involved to ensure your makeup looks amazing to both the naked eye and the camera (did you know the camera doesn’t pick up on about 25% of your makeup? Crazy, right? That’s why more makeup will need to be applied 🙂 ).

Lastly, when you walk down the aisle all eyes will be on YOU. You probably want to look the most amazing you’ve ever looked! A pro Makeup Artist will help you feel like a queen, and will have your future spouse thanking his lucky stars when he sees you, ha!

To ensure you look like your most glamorous self, to have some help creating your dream makeup look, to have a stress free morning on the day of, to be pampered, and to be sure you look amazing in photos that will last a lifetime, hire a skilled, Professional Makeup Artist. You won’t regret it!

Think we might be a good fit for your big day? Schedule a complimentary phone consultation and let’s chat!

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