When Should I Schedule My Makeup Trial?

This is one of the most frequent questions brides ask me, so let’s dive in!

Makeup trials are appointments scheduled before your wedding day allowing you and your makeup artist to get to know each other more, to describe your vision for your ultimate bridal makeup, and to play in different products, colors, techniques, etc. These appointments are very important because you’ll see exactly how your makeup will look and wear before the big day.

But how far in advance should you schedule your trial? Well, if you’re only doing one trial, I recommend scheduling it about 3-4 months prior to your wedding date. This will allow for plenty of time for you to stare at all the gorgeous selfies you take after your trial (we’re all guilty of it!) and to be sure you still love everything before your big day. Another reason why I recommend 3-4 months out is on the off chance you have an allergic reaction and break out in some sort of rash, you have PLENTY of time to heal and to do another trial before your wedding day. Honestly, this rarely happens BUT everyone is different so better to be safe than sorry!

Something that I do that not very many other makeup artists do is recommend two makeup trials. The reason I recommend two is to really solidify that you love everything, and if not then we get another chance to experiment. The other reason is because the more I apply makeup to your face, the better I learn your face. So by the time your wedding day rolls around your makeup will look so good you might want to marry me instead of your future spouse, LOL. If you decide to opt for two makeup trials, I recommend doing the first about 6 months prior, and the second about 3 months prior.

Here’s a bonus pro tip that not a lot of brides think about when it comes to scheduling their makeup trial- schedule your bridal portraits the same day you’ll be getting all glam! You’ll have beautiful makeup and you’ll be able to see how the makeup photographs.

I hope this helps! If you think we might be a good fit for your wedding day, schedule a complimentary phone call and let’s chat. https://calendly.com/meirabeautyllc

I can’t wait to hear from you!



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