My Fave Eyeshadows for Brides

If you’re wanting to play up your eyes on your wedding day, you’re in the right place! If you want your eyes to be the focal point of your face, eyeshadow can make or break your makeup. It’s essential to find eyeshadows that are pigmented, long-lasting, blend well, and photograph beautifully. In this blog post, I’ll be discussing my favorite eyeshadows that check all the boxes and are perfect for brides on their big day.

My favorite eyeshadow brand is… *drumroll please* Viseart! Viseart eyeshadows are some of the best I’ve ever used, if not the best. They blend like a dream, and they have a wide color range. Viseart eyeshadows are also incredibly pigmented, which means you need only a small amount to get the desired color. This also means that the eyeshadow will last longer, saving you money and ensuring you look fabulous all day long. Did I mention they’re cruelty free?

If you’re looking for some great shimmer eyeshadows, Viseart has some incredible options. My personal favorite shimmer palette by Viseart is the “Sultry Muse” palette. The shadows in the Sultry Muse palette are soft and have just enough glimmer to catch the light without looking like glitter. You’ll look stunning, not like you’re heading to a disco dance! This palette is a must-have for brides who want a timeless and elegant look, it is my go-to!

Another shimmer that I’ve loved for years is MAC’s Vanilla Pigment. This may look stark white in the packaging, but TRUST ME. When you apply it to your lids, you get a beautiful, soft, champagne color that’s gorgeous. This is a great option for brides who want a little shine on their lids without any glimmer or glitter. And it photographs beautifully!

If you try any of these products please let me know how you like them! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Don’t Hate, Exfoliate!

Exfoliating is an essential step in your skin care routine for great looking makeup. Not only does it reveal brighter, more radiant skin, but it also helps your other skin care products work their magic. Ready to learn more? Grab a snack, your fave gentle exfoliant, and let’s glow!

Imagine wearing a full face of makeup, but your skin looks dull, lackluster, and maybe even patchy. This happens because dead skin cells are making your skin look less vibrant, and your makeup is building up on those patchy areas. Regular exfoliation, about 1-2 times per week, is the solution!

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells, thus revealing brighter, more radiant skin. When you remove dead skin cells, you’re creating a smooth canvas for your makeup to glide on and look its best. No more cakey or patchy makeup!

Exfoliating also helps your other skin care products work their magic. When you remove dead skin cells, you’re allowing your serums, moisturizers, and other skin goodies to penetrate deeper into the skin. This results in more hydrated and glowy skin, which will result in beautiful, radiant, and longer-lasting makeup!

But wait! Don’t go overboard with exfoliation, my friend. Over-exfoliating can cause damage to the skin barrier, leading to sensitive skin. This could lead to dry, textured skin, and we want the complete opposite of that! To keep your skin happy and healthy, it’s important to use gentle exfoliants, like Sexapeel by Sonia Roselli Beauty (my fave! I use this stuff on just about every makeup client.)

In conclusion, exfoliating is a must-do step in your skincare routine. Don’t let dead skin cells dull your complexion, make you look older than you are, or ruin all the hard work you put into your makeup! Use gentle exfoliants and exfoliate 1-2 times a week for youthful and radiant skin and beautiful, long-lasting makeup. Trust me, your skin (and Makeup Artist) will thank you!

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Booking Your Wedding Makeup Artist

Did you get a shiny new ring under the tree this year? Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! As you start to plan your dream wedding, one important aspect to consider is booking your Makeup Artist. It’s important to book your makeup artist as soon as possible because most makeup artists, myself included, book out 6-12 months in advance and only take a certain number of weddings per year. The sooner you lock in your makeup artist, the better your chances are of securing your dream beauty team.

But how do you go about finding the perfect makeup artist for your big day? Research is key! Start by looking at the makeup artist’s portfolio and seeing if their style matches what you envision for your wedding makeup. If you want a natural, timeless look, it’s probably not a good idea to hire a makeup artist that primarily does colorful, bold makeup looks. Also take note whether the artist you’re researching is posting makeup they’ve done on other people or just themselves! You want a Makeup Artist that has experience working with different skin tones, skin types, and different personalities.

It’s also important to consider the artist’s sanitation protocols and their communication skills. You want to make sure that your artist is following proper protocols to keep you and your bridal party safe, especially in a world where COVID is still present. Plus, no one wants to pay good money for a Makeup Artist only to find out they use the same set of dirty brushes on everyone, or double dipping into cream products. Yes, this still happens unfortunately! But not on my watch. I take sanitation VERY seriously and go above and beyond cosmetology board standards, and I make sure that any assistant working with me knows how seriously I take it and what my standards are. If you need more sanitation info when deciding on a Makeup Artist, it is 100% okay to ask them for a copy of their sanitation/ infection control protocols sheet. Reviews might give you an idea of how clean they are, as well.

Responsiveness and communicating in a timely manner is crucial, especially throughout the planning process. Wedding planning is stressful enough, you don’t want to have to worry about chasing down any of your vendors because they aren’t responding! Plus, your vendors should be communicating with one another to ensure your day runs smoothly, so if your Makeup Artist doesn’t respond to you in a timely manner, they probably aren’t responding or reaching out to your other vendors, either!

All of these details are important when choosing your perfect Makeup Artist for your big day. Your wedding pictures will last a lifetime after all, so it’s crucial to find an artist that you feel confident in, that you know will give you the perfect look for your special day, and you won’t have to worry about when (or if) they will respond to you or your vendors. Take the time to research and find the right Artist for you, and book them ASAP to ensure that they are locked in for your wedding. Trust me, it will be worth it in the end!



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My Top Reasons for Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

For any special events, especially weddings, you might be thinking about hiring a pro Makeup Artist. Here are my top reason why I always think you should!

It’s not every day you have a beauty team to pamper you and to help you look and feel amazing. So hiring a professional Makeup Artist will make you and your wedding party feel like celebrities! Makeup Artists (or at least me) will bring their own lighting, chair, table, and a makeup kit stocked with everything we could need to create your look. Who wouldn’t want to be spoiled a little more on their wedding day?

Makeup Artists work with you to create your dream makeup look. During a makeup trial we ask lots of questions to be sure we’re understanding your vision, and then we bring it to life! This also takes the stress off of you and your girls from trying to bring your vision to life yourself. There’s no need to buy a bunch of new products to experiment with and practice your makeup eleventy seven times before the big day. And you won’t have to do your own makeup on the day of. This is huge because it takes one less thing off your plate, you won’t have to stress about making it perfect, and you’ll be able to relax with your friends and drink some champagne. Your makeup artist will handle the rest!

A skilled Makeup Artist will know how to apply just the right amount of makeup that will bring out your best features, will look amazing in photos, but will not feel heavy or cakey. For special events where lots of photo’s will be taken, more makeup will need to be applied than what you might wear everyday. Don’t worry! This does NOT mean cake face, there are just more steps involved to ensure your makeup looks amazing to both the naked eye and the camera (did you know the camera doesn’t pick up on about 25% of your makeup? Crazy, right? That’s why more makeup will need to be applied 🙂 ).

Lastly, when you walk down the aisle all eyes will be on YOU. You probably want to look the most amazing you’ve ever looked! A pro Makeup Artist will help you feel like a queen, and will have your future spouse thanking his lucky stars when he sees you, ha!

To ensure you look like your most glamorous self, to have some help creating your dream makeup look, to have a stress free morning on the day of, to be pampered, and to be sure you look amazing in photos that will last a lifetime, hire a skilled, Professional Makeup Artist. You won’t regret it!

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How to Turn Your Powder Bronzer into a Cream

If you don’t become a cosmetic chemist while getting ready in the morning, you definitely should! Multipurpose products will save you space, time, and money, and if I’m being completely honest, it’s fun mixing and playing in makeup! In today’s. blog I’m going to teach you how to turn your powder bronzer into a cream with just a few products.

First thing you will need is a clean palette or plate to mix on. Once you have that grab your favorite powder bronzer, a clean mascara spoolie, and Sonia Roselli’s Water Elixir. Once you’ve got all your products, the first thing you want to do is take your spoolie to your bronzer and gently scrape off a small amount of powder onto your palette. Once that is done, mix one pump of Water Elixir with the powder (you can use your spoolie to do this). Feel free to add more powder or more Elixir until you get the consistency you like! Take a stippling brush and dip into your new cream bronzer and apply where you would normally bronze. It’s that easy!

Multipurpose tricks like these come in handy when you’re traveling so you can pack light, when your skin needs a little extra hydration, or if you just want to try something new. Remember, there are no rules to makeup. I hope this helps, have fun!

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How to Get Luminous Skin on Your Wedding Day

Each bride I have had the pleasure of working with is unique, but one thing they all share in common is that they all want the glowy, “lit from within”, skin. I can’t blame them, I love that kind of look! Let’s talk about my top 3 tips to achieving that bridal glow.

Your makeup will only look as good as your skin looks, so my first tip is to get a skin care routine down that works for you. I recommend starting this routine 4-6 months prior to your wedding date. Please note: I NEVER recommend trying new products 1-4 weeks before your big day, just in case you end up breaking out or having an allergic reaction. If you do end up with a gnarly breakout (it happens), at least you will have some time to heal your skin. As far as skin care, focus on hydration. I recommend using hyaluronic acid, a moisturizer you love, and a facial oil to achieve the glow! I love using Sonia Roselli’s Water Elixir, Waterbalm, and Water Oil on myself and my brides. To purchase, click here:

My second tip is to drink water! Be sure to stay hydrated (especially if your wedding is outdoors in this North Carolina heat – shew!). Drink lots and loots of water and if it helps, get one of those water bottles with time markers to be sure you drink enough throughout the day.

My last tip is to use cream and liquid products on the day of, and minimal powder. A skilled Makeup Artist will know how to strategically place the powder to help the makeup set and last without taking away the glow, so be sure to do your research when looking at Makeup Artists! If you are doing your own makeup, like I mentioned, try to stick to creams and liquids. This will be the most skin-like and will give a gorgeous glow!

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How to Have a Successful Makeup Trial

With so many talented makeup artists out there, how do you find the artist that’s right for you without having to do 346 trials? Here’s my advice!

When you’re looking for a makeup artist, look at their portfolio carefully. Take a mental note of the style of makeup they do, is it more of the “Instagram glam”? More on the natural side? Somewhere in the middle? You want to find an artist that has the same style of makeup you want for your wedding day. If you want something more natural it wouldn’t make sense to book a trial with an artist who’s style is more of a heavy beat and vice versa, trust me- you will hate it!

Something else you should look for when browsing portfolios is if the artist can execute a variety of different looks. Now, I know the majority of brides want the same thing when it comes to their makeup (neutral tones, radiant skin, want to still look/ feel like themselves with the makeup on) BUT can the artist create that look while making changes when needed to cater to each unique bride? Or is the artist more cookie cutter and create the same look with the same colors/ lashes on every bride that sits in their chair? You want the artist that will have the knowledge and skill to know what colors, formulas, lashes, etc. will suit you best so that you look your best!

Once you’ve found an artist that checks off all your boxes, to best prepare for your trial I always recommend to go on Pinterest and find some makeup looks you like. To get the most realistic result, try to find looks on models with the same hair color, skin color, eye color, etc. as you. If you are completely lost on what you’d like your makeup to look like, that’s okay! Part of our job is to help guide you and figure out what you love. I would still find 2-3 pictures of makeup you love just for reference.

Something I be sure to tell my brides during their trial is to not be afraid to tell me if they’d like me to tweak something, that is what the trial is for! I want my brides to love their look on the big day and when they look back on their wedding pictures for years to come. You’re the boss, so if you do not like something please do not be afraid to tell us. We will be more than willing to make changes if it makes you happy.

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What Brow Color Should You Be Wearing?

I think brows are the hardest feature for most people to master, not because they are hard, but because a lot of people overthink them! Once you realize how simple brows can be your makeup routine will be a breeze, so let’s dive in!

The art of makeup is all about color and balance, brows especially. The right brow color for you is not only dependent on your hair color, but also your eye color and skin tone. For example, if my client has light blonde hair, light skin, and light blue eyes but has darker roots, I would not match the brow color to her roots. Even though the brow color would match her hair roots, her brows would come off WAY too strong. It wouldn’t look natural and would be very off balanced with the rest of her makeup. Instead, I would opt for an ashy blonde color for her brows. This will give a much softer appearance to the brows and would help make the makeup look more balanced, while still being in the same color family as her darker roots.

A good rule of thumb for brows is to pick a brow color 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color. Here are more examples: If your skin, eye color, and hair color are light, I would opt for a lighter or ashy brow color. If you have more tanned skin, dark eyes, and brown hair, I would opt for a lighter brown shade for your brows. If you have deep skin, dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes, I would opt for a dark brown brow color. If you have light skin, light eyes, and red hair, I would do an ashy blonde brow color. If your skin is more cool toned (pink), I would opt for something cool toned because a lot of times something warmer will come off orange. If you have warmer (golden) skin, try opting for neutral brow colors, that way your brows don’t come off too muddy or orange.

Something else to consider is the makeup look you are going for. If you are going for a softer eye look and a bolder lip, it would be okay to add more detail to the brows (adding more depth to the tail, for example) with a brow pencil because it would balance out the whole look. However, if you are planning to rock a smokey eye I would only groom the brows with a brow mascara. Again, it’s all about balance!

Try not to overthink the brows, they really are simple once you find the right colors and tools to suite you best. You’ve got this!

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How To Fix the Most Common Eyeshadow Mistakes

If you think you need to wipe all of your eye makeup off and start over if you make a tiny mistake, I am about to blow your mind! The most common eyeshadow mistakes are actually easy and quick to fix, let’s dive in.

First let’s talk about the dreaded eyeshadow fallout. Almost everyone (myself included) I know struggles with this, or has struggled with this issue in the past. Eyeshadow fallout is when tiny bits of eyeshadow fall under your eyes/ on your face while you’re applying it to your eyes, ruining your face makeup. This happens when you’ve got too much shadow on your brush, when you’re blending too aggressively, or it could just be a bad quality eyeshadow that will have fallout no matter what you do. An easy way to avoid ruining your face makeup is to do your eyeshadow first. I got into the habit of doing eyes first years ago and I still do makeup in that order today. It is so much easier to just take a makeup wipe and remove the unwanted fallout than to remove your face makeup that got ruined! If you think you’re picking up too much shadow on your brush, try barely tapping your brush into the shadow, then tapping the brush on your finger to get any excess product off, then go in and apply like normal. If you think you’re blending too aggressively, try changing up your hand placement. When holding your eyeshadow brush, I am willing to bet that your hand is closer to the bristles than it is to the end of the brush (like holding a pencil). Try holding the brush at the very end of the handle and apply your eyeshadow like normal. This will force you to apply the makeup softer, and you will have more control!

If your eyeshadow is creasing, you are either not using an eye primer, or you’re not using the right eye primer. I swear by MAC’s 24 Hour Eye Base, that stuff is like cement! Believe me when I say your eyeshadow will NOT move or crease. A little goes a long way, just apply all over your lids with your fingers (I find the fingers warms the product up and it blends easier) then set it with a flesh toned shadow and do your eyeshadow like normal. Thank me later!

Lets say you’ve just spent 10 minutes on your eyeshadow, your eyeliner came out perfect, and now you’re applying your mascara when- OOPS. You got some mascara on your eyelid, ruining all your hard work. When this happens everyone panics and tries to wipe it off as quickly as they can, smearing the mascara and making an even bigger mess! What if I told you that the next time you get mascara on your lids, you let it dry? Seriously, DON’T TOUCH IT. Let it dry all the way down and once its dry, just grab a q-tip or a clean brow spoolie and wipe it away. The mascara will just flake off! No more messy, smeared mascara that ruins your eye makeup.

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The 3 Eyeshadow Brushes That Should Be in Every Makeup Bag

Brushes can make or break an eye look, so here are my favorite eyeshadow brushes that will help you blend like a pro!

The MAC 217 brush has been a favorite of mine basically ever since I started doing makeup. This brush has the perfect shape to pick up just the right amount of product, the perfect density for smooth blending, and a mix of longer bristles in the middle and shorter bristles on the sides that will do alllllll the hard work for you! You can even turn the brush on its side to pack on shimmer shadows. For everyday makeup, this brush will do it all.

For those who want more a more detailed look, or if you have hooded or smaller eyes, the MAC 221 will be your new best friend. This brush is a baby version of the 217 brush, so it has all the benefits of the 217 but this one can apply eyeshadow to any hard to reach areas. I love using this one for the lower lash line, any detailed blending in the crease, or smoking out liner.

My last favorite is the MAC 224 brush. This brush is my, “eraser” brush. It is not as dense as the other two brushes which makes it great for sweeping a wash of color on the eyes. Whenever I go a little too high up with the eyeshadow (yes, even the pros still make mistakes!) I like to dip this brush in a flesh toned color and blend right over the “edge” of the shadow. Doing this will tone down the look and will give the appearance of a smoother blend.

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